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Lubbock Fence Company

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Fencing is something we utilize to recognize the borders of our property, to help keep our children and pets within sight and to keep out people who don’t belong on our property. Fences can also be used to separate and create sections within our own property which can also be exceptionally handy at times, especially when animals are involved.


About Us
We are a team of local professionals who take pride in being able to service all the residents within Lubbock for their everyday fencing needs, as well as their unique and special fencing requirements. Being locals we understand the area and how to best install fences in the land of which we live on. Providing high quality finishes is one of our primary focuses and one that has helped us to build such a dependable reputation.
Our major goal is to leave our customer satisfied. A fence can be do more than most people give it credit for. It is a border of one’s property that provides safety by keeping family/pets in, while keeping unwanted visitors out. The right fence can give a family more privacy if they choose to not be seen while they are enjoying the outdoors in their yard. Last but not least, a fence can be visually appealing and provide curb appeal to a property.

Our Services

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Being the professionals in the industry, we provide a range of different fencing services to make sure that we can meet all of our client’s needs. We provide services to all our clients including the residential, commercial and industrial clients that we work with on a regular basis. Below we give an overview of these fencing services and in the link dedicated to each service we provide a more thorough explanation of how we are able to assist with these services

Fence Staining
Fence Repair
Chain Link Fencing
Fence Staining

Fence Staining
Fence staining is the process of applying a colored protective coat onto a timber fence to give it a high quality and complete appearance. There are a range of different stains available on the market, which we are happy to discuss with our clients so that they can make an informed decision on what is best for their property and needs. All the projects we complete are to a high standard, so you can rest assured that you are in the safest hands in Texas.
Fence Repair
It can often defeat the purpose of a fence if it is damaged and people and animals are easily able to gain access to either side of the fence. To ensure that your fence is operating as it should be, our team of professionals provide fence repair services to a range of different fences so that you can ensure that your property is well protected and family are being kept safe from intruders.
Chain Link Fencing
One of the services we provide is chain link fence installation, repairs and replacement. Chain link fencing is a popular option for when you want to be able to see through the fence, but still have the operative function of keeping your property protected from undesirables. Our team of experts are able to quickly and professionally install a chain link fence for you, as well as complete repairs when this is required.

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Wood Fencing
Iron and Aluminum Fencing
Custom Fencing

Wood Fencing
Wooden fencing is one of the most popular amongst all our clients, and for good reason too. It is easily customizable both in shape and color and creates a visually pleasing appearance. We provide fence supply and installation works for our residential, commercial and industrial clients to ensure that we are meeting the needs they are looking for. Whether it be a decorative picket fence or a privacy wood fence, we are able to complete this to your with the highest quality finish.
Iron and Aluminum Fencing
Naturally being the fencing experts, our services also include iron and aluminum fencing. We provide installation and supply of the fencing as well as fence removal and haul away services. These style of fences are typically more decorative and add an element of class and elegance to the property that is being surrounded by this type of fence. It can be used as a feature in some properties, or also as a functional element on commercial and industrial properties as a stringer alternative to chain link fencing.
Custom Fencing
If you are looking for a custom fence and want to design something special, please come and speak to us. We would be happy to help you make your vision a reality and thoroughly enjoy working on custom pieces with their creative elements and unique personality. Our team have a range of connections that will be able to assist due to our many years of servicing in the fencing industry. These connections can help us create any of the weird and wonderful ideas you may have to create a custom fence for your property.

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What type of fence lasts longest?

Vinyl fencing lasts a very long time and typically will not even need maintenance until 15 years after the installation date. Privacy wood fences can rot or have boards warp with the weather and usually leads to having planks replaced in roughly 5 years. Chain link fences will rot about 15 years after one is installed on a property. These fences are more common because they are less costly upfront, however they can cost more in the future. Vinyl fences are strong and do not have the issue of being affected by weather or temp changes.

Which side of the fence is best to have facing your property?

​It is more visually appealing to have the braces on the inside of the fence. This is what you will typically notice when driving by others houses that have a fence surrounding their house. This is more noticeable on a privacy wood fence, however it is the same principle for all fences. At the end of the day it is always up to the customer how they would like their fence constructed so just get with a professional and we can lead you in the right direction. 

Painting your side of the fence.

​Only the owner of the fence can make any changes to the fence if it is in their property. This means that if you are considering painting, staining, etc. your side of the fence you must first ask your neighbor for permission unless it is on both of your properties. The neighborly thing to do is to just ask if they paid for the fence to be built, but you can always reach out to a lawyer if you have any questions. 
“I had a great experience with Lubbock Fence Company. They were so quick I thought they must have cut corners, but when I inspected after they left I came to realize that they were just professionals in what they do and were able to complete quality installations quickly. Will certainly be using them again when I have any other fencing requirements.” - Trevor, Texas
“We have had a beautiful wrought iron fence and gate installed around our property that looks just perfect. It is exactly what we wanted and keeps out the pesky animals we have been having issues with lately. Very pleased with the appearance and installation, well done Lubbock Fence Company.” - Sandra, Texas
“I wanted just a standard picket fence around my property to stop people walking on my lawn as I live on a corner block. It has worked and I am actually surprisingly pleased with the appearance. It’s like a facelift for my home!” - Sam, Texas

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If you are looking for a Lubbock fencing company or just fencing in Lubbock at all, you have come to the right place. We have been trusted by countless clients in Lubbock and surrounding suburbs to complete their fencing needs. We have the skills and ability to complete high quality installations in a quick time frame, so we can get out of your hair quicker. We are always happy to help our clients with any questions or queries they have, so if you have questions about our services or are looking to schedule a time for us to complete a project for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.