Chain Link Fencing

a fence with leaves

Chain link fencing is a common style of fencing primarily across commercial and industrial properties. It can be a very convenient way to separate areas, whilst also retaining the ability to see what is on the other side of the fence. Our team of professionals are skilled in assisting our clients through the entire process of chain link fencing including the design, installation, repairs and replacement of chain link fencing. We explain a little about each of these steps below for your reference.

Chain link fencing is able to be customized in a number of different ways so that it can meet both the visual and functional requirements of our clients. With chain link fencing you have the ability to select the color, material of the supporting beams as well as add privacy screens to them to both increase the level of privacy and stop the strong flow of wind throughout the area that is being fenced off. There are many different options for each of these, which our team of professionals at Lubbock Fence Company are more than happy to discuss with our clients. We want to help you make the right decision when itĀ comes to your fencing.

The installation of a chain link fence is relatively simple if you are a professional in the industry. We first start by measuring out the area that is required to be fenced and set out markers so that our clients are able to confirm the location requirements before the installation is conducted to avoid any errors due to miscommunication in the initial brief. From there we are able to insert the pillars or supporting beams for the fence, which we will then attach the chain link fence to. Afterwards we are able to install the privacy or wind screens if that is an option that out clients are looking for.

One of the benefits of chain link fencing is that it can easily be repaired if you are using a contractor who knows what they are doing. As chain link fencing is sections of woven metal, we are able to remove the damaged sections and replace them with new chain links. Regardless of the size of the repair job, by engaging Lubbock Fence Company you can be sure that your repair works will be to the highest quality standards and back performing to their full potential again in no time.

Chain link fences are a relatively durable form of fencing and can last for years on end if they are well maintained. This means completing the repair works as they are needed and not leaving them to accumulate and eventually leave you with a rundown fence that needs replacement. Should you find yourself with a fence that does need replacing, our team would be more than happy to assist. We will provide you with complete removal services as well as the installation of a sturdy new fence to meet your needs.