Custom Fencing

wood fence by the house

Fencing is able to be customized in a range of different ways these days with many options available to suit an individuals needs and aesthetic requirements. The market continues to bring out more and more ways that we are able to customize fences for our clients, which is something that we are always more than happy to sit and discuss so that we can make sure that you get the right fence for your property. Here we will speak about a few of the ways we are able to help you get a customized fence that is ideal for you.

The type of material you are wanting to use for your fence is often the first step in selecting a suitable fence for your property. There are a range of different materials available, the most common being timber, wrought iron, aluminum and steel wire. Each of these are a durable material and dependent on the location of your fence and the intended purpose of the fence is typically how people select the material they would like to use. Each of these are able to be customized to suit the aesthetic requirements as well as the functional requirements needed for an individual property.

Designing a fence is one of the more exciting elements of a fence. If you are looking to have a wrought iron fence you are able to create some beautiful designs that look elegant and are also exceptionally sturdy. These can also be more classic in their design with just simple straight lines for a more industrial looking fence. Timber fences are able to be customized as well with the slats able to be cut straight or with a decorative ending to remain in keeping with your property and its features. Chain link fencing is made from a steel wire which is also able to be coated if desired to have a softer appearance than bare wiring.

When the design of the fence has been decided upon by our clients, we are then able to start the manufacturing process for the customized fence. During this process we are able to start working with colors to give your fence an additional unique feeling that is suited to your property. We are able to have iron and aluminum powder coated with a range of different colors as chosen by our clients, which is a very popular option for may homes our team at Lubbock Fence Company work with. Timer is also able to be painted or stained and the coating on the wire is able to have a color added if this is desired by our clients.

When we install customized fences, we always make sure that they are installed correctly and deep into the ground. This will ensure that the foundation stays strong and the fence is long lasting in retaining its purpose. If you are having a chain link fence and wish to have a mesh covering, we can complete this at the installation stage.