Fence Repair

man repairing the wood fence

It would be an ideal world we live in if the areas of our home did not require repairs and maintenance, but at this this point in time that is just not possible. Our team at Lubbock Fence Company are skilled in fence repairs of all different materials which can help to keep your fence looking its best at all times. We always recommend that repair works are completed promptly to stop your property from appearing decrepit if a number of repair works start to accumulate. Here we discuss the different types of fencing we are able to repair and assist our clients with.

Timber Fences
There are a range of reasons that a timber fence can require repairs. It could be that strong winds have come through and caused damage, a tree has fallen on top of it, movement in the ground causing it to sink or tip, a car has caused impact damage or an individual pillar has been broken or vandalized. What ever the need for repair, our team are able to assist with prompt and high quality repair works which will see your fence looking its best again in no time. We are able to color match with existing fencing to ensure that the aesthetic appearance is maintained.

Chain Link Fences
Chain link fences are often damaged in industrial settings when it comes to impact which causes the fencing to become bowed. It can also be due to vandalism which is something that we always advise our clients to have repaired quite quickly as it can often promote further vandalism or defeat the purpose of your fence if a hole has been cut into it. We are able to complete quick repair works on your chain link fencing to avoid further damages and to ensure your fence is able to fulfil its intended purpose.

Iron & Aluminum Fences
Being one of the most durable of fences, these are often exceptionally hard to damage, but it can happen. This is why our team at Lubbock Fence Company offer repair works for iron and aluminum fencing, to ensure that we are able to cover off all of our clients fencing and fencing repair needs. We are able to complete fencing repairs on all different material types to a high quality to ensure that your fence looks as it was when it was first installed by the professionals at Lubbock Fence Company.

Installation and Quality
When we complete repair installations, we are always exceptionally detailed in our approach, as we are when we complete new fencing installations. We take pride in the quality of the works we provide to our clients, which is one of the reasons we have become so well known within the area of Texas in such a short period of time. We do not compromise the quality of our works regardless of the size of the repair works or the time limitations in place. We will always ensure that there is a high quality of work in the quickest possible time frame.