Fence Staining

man washing the fence

Fence staining is one of that ways that our clients are able to customize their fence to ensure a softer timber fencing that suits their property. There are a range of different types of timber stain available on the market which can vary in color and tone. We are able to help our clients select the type of stain that will work best for their property and then complete the preparation, application, protection and maintenance works required for the timber staining process. A timber stain can be applied to fences either in the initial installation process as well as being applied retrospectively. Here we discuss the process for timber staining and the options our clients have with this service.

To prepare a timber fence for staining, we first need to ensure that the surface we will be painting is clean and free from obstruction. This will give your fence the sleekest look possible and ensure that it looks its best when the stain application is completed. To start the preparation process, we will generally sand back the fence to ensure that it is smooth and we are able to work with a timber that is able to absorb the stain that we are applying to it.

To apply a timber stain generally looks a lot like we are painting the timber panels. Our team at Lubbock Fence Company are skilled in their ability to be able to promptly and thoroughly coat a timber fence with the stain of our clients choice. Dependent on the desired look of the timber stain, we are able to apply one, two or numerous layers of the stain to deepen the color to meet our clients requests. The preference for a timber stain is to be done in the warmer months so that the drying time is quicker and there is less of a change that rain and other elements are able to obstruct the process as we are applying the stain.

Many of our clients are unaware of this, but we are able to apply a protective coating on your timber fencing. This coating is designed to protect your fence from fading due to the direct sunlight on the fence on a continuous basis. Of course the stain will still fade over time, however the protective coating will help to a achieve a longer lifespan out of your timber staining so that you do not have to have the same level of maintenance you would without.

As mentioned above, timber staining is not an indefinite feature from a single application. Direct sunlight will see the stain of your fence start to fade over time, which will mean that to keep the appearance of the stain, you will need to have regular applications over the years of your fence. Our professional team at Lubbock Fence Company are here to help you with all the stain maintenance requirements and give you professional advice on the best way to maintain your fence.