Iron and Aluminum Fencing

gate to the house

Wrought Iron and Aluminum fences are some of most durable fences you can have installed for your property. They are able to be customized in a range of different ways to suit your individual property appearance and functionality requirements. They are used widely throughout each of our client groups being residential, commercial and industrial due to their versatile nature and ease of customization. Here we discuss the different ways these fences are able to be used and how they can be of benefit to our clients.

The design of a fence can say a lot about the property from just the external boundary fence. We are able to have a straight look for industrial photos that have remote control gates blended perfectly in to the fence line. We are able to create a higher end classy look by using a combination of brick fencing either between the iron and aluminum. These materials are able to be manipulated to have twists, edges and curves throughout to give the perfect appearance that you wish for the exterior of your property. We are always glad to sit with our clients and help them through their fence design to ensure that it will both be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the ways you are able to manipulate the shape and appearance of the iron and aluminum, you are also able to customize these with additional elements such as color. When the design has been decided and the fence goes into the manufacturing stage, we are able to arrange to have the rods colored with adding a powder coating element to the manufacturing process. This enables our clients to pick any color of their choosing to further enhance the appearance of their property and make their fence more than just a boundary requirement.

The installation of an iron or aluminum fence can vary due to the design, the intention of the fence and whether it be for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. If there is just the fence being installed straight into the ground, we ensure that the foundation is solid to give our clients the highest quality installation job possible. When there are other elements such as brick incorporated to the design of the fence, we first ensure that the brickwork craftsmanship is to the highest standard before we start to install the iron and aluminum features. These are then bolted into the brickwork to ensure that the finish is both heavy duty and smooth.

Repairs and Maintenance
Repair works aren’t often needed for wrought iron and aluminum fences, but occasionally these may be required if there has been significant impact damage. Our team of professionals at Lubbock Fence Company are skilled in the operations that are repair works to these sort of fences and can complete them in a prompt manner. Maintenance may be required occasionally to ensure that your fence is kept in peak condition all year round.