Wood Fencing

wood fencing of the house

Wood fencing, often referred to as timber fencing is a very popular option for all of our clients, be they residential, commercial or industrial. Timber can be customized to provide a range of different looks, whether it be just a short picket fence to show a boundary, a fence around a property to assist with privacy and to keep our trespassers. Our team at Lubbock Fence Company are the professionals in timber fencing and enjoy helping our clients create a fence that they love and will complete its intended purpose well.

Working with timber slats, you are able to create a range of different aesthetic appearances. You can have the typical straight vertical fence, the somewhat trendy vertical fence, an edging on the individual pillars, a picket fence or any range of artistic designs that are now available. A quick search through a search engine will come up with a range of alternative options that can help to give you inspiration for the design of your fence, whilst also maintaining its functionality. Our team are always glad to assist our clients throughout the design process and to provide professional advice to help our clients select the right design for their property.

Staining/ Painting
Timber fences are able to be easily customized due to the porous nature of timber. You can either opt to have a timber stain applied which will help to enhance the natural features of the timber and give a nice earthy look, or you can opt to paint your timber in a color that is more suited to the color scheme of your property. Either of these options will help you to create a look that is suitable for you and one that will ensure that you are happy with the appearance of your fence for years to come.

The installation of a fence is relatively straightforward for a professional, but is certainly something that you want an expert to complete for you. By using the industry professionals at Lubbock Fence Company you can rest assured that the installation of your fence will be to the highest quality, as confirmed by a number of our previous clients who have been more than satisfied with the servicing they have received from our team. We always ensure that when we install a fence we start with a solid foundation to ensure the long lifespan of your fence and to ensure you are getting value for your money.

Maintenance and Repairs
Our team of professionals at Lubbock Fence Company are skilled at not only assisting with the design and installation of wood fences, but also provide assistance when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Occasionally you may need a slat reattached to its original position or replaced due to damage. Other times you may require your fence stain to be reapplied as it has faded due to sun exposure. These along with painting are areas that our team are more than happy to assist with.